Policies in FAST Act enacted "just in a nick of time" for motorcoach industry

Mr. Dale Krapf led a panel that included Mike VanMaanen on behalf of the Livestock Marketing Association; Captain Christopher Turner, president of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance; and Ms. Jennifer Tierney on behalf of the Truck Safety Coalition



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Julianne Ryder
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UMA Past Chair testifies on behalf of UMA, NSTA

FAST Act enacted ‘just in a nick of time’ to support motor carrier industry


Washington, DC  (May 22, 2018) – "The important motor carrier policies enacted in the FAST Act were just in a nick of time," United Motorcoach Association Immediate Past Chair Dale Krapf told a House Subcommittee. "The nation needs and deserves a thriving passenger carrier industry supported by rules and regulations that actually improve safety."

Chairman of the Krapf Group, one of the nation’s largest passenger transportation companies, Krapf spoke out in support of the 2015 Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act. His company is headquartered in West Chester, PA and provides both charter bus service and school bus service. His testimony was delivered on behalf of UMA and the National School Transportation Association (NSTA).

Krapf outlined ways the Act has expedited the process for new entrants to the industry and how that has improved prospects for industry growth and more service to the traveling public. In addition, Krapf expressed gratitude that, as a result of passage of the FAST Act, FMSCA established a procedure for removing from a company's public safety record those crashes that were not preventable by the motor carrier.

Krapf also explained the importance of passing of H.R. 2120, known as BUSREGS-21, and other necessary reforms that would increase passenger safety, support regulatory reform, and promote industry growth to best serve the traveling public and boost the nation’s economy. The measure would address many of the existing shortcomings in the current law.

View the full hearing online at YouTube using the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZGuGfcxaxE&feature=youtu.be. Mr. Krapf’s testimony begins at 1:50.00. Immediately before Mr. Krapf’s testimony, FMCSA Administrator Raymond Martinez addressed the subcommittee.

Administrator Martinez fielded dozens of questions from Subcommittee members, including many about addressing the nation's motorcoach and truck driver shortages.

Mr. Krapf led off a panel that included Mr. Mike VanMaanen of the Easter Missouri Commission Company on behalf of the Livestock Marketing Association; Captain Christopher Turner, president of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance; and Ms. Jennifer Tierney, board member for the Citizens for Reliable and Safe Highways, on behalf of the Truck Safety Coalition.

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