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December 4, 2018

  • FMCSA extends Lease and Interchange rule compliance date until January 1, 2021
  • UMA member Southwest Coaches loses two vehicles and its office to major fire
  • Calling all drivers: Enter the UMA International Driver Competition
  • Training to recognize driver drug and alcohol use — a federal requirement for operators
  • UMA will offer two-hour training for driver supervisors on January 8 at EXPO: "Drug and Alcohol Essentials" 
  • TECHNOLOGY: May Mobility's not so sexy plan to win at self-driving vehicles
  • Bus & Motorcoach News: EXPO "Unheadliner" will have you laughing your way to success in business
  • Bus & Motorcoach News: What to do when your trip erupts, literally
  • Learn to create a vibrant safety culture at EXPO: January 8, 8:45 - 9:45 a.m.
  • MARKETING: Free online social media resources available through Motorcoach Marketing Council
  • UMA members get special treatment on
  • Motorcoach Industry Calendar

November 27, 2018

  • UMA members elect four to board of directors
  • Calling all drivers? Enter the International Driver Competition
  • Waymo taps former NTSB chair Deborah Hersman to oversee safety of autonomous rideshare fleet
  • Upcoming events: Regional Town Hall Meetings set for Dec. 11, 12, 13 and Safety Seminar is almost sold out
  • ELD News: Digital logging affects truck drivers' behavior for better and for worse
  • Technology: NHSTA pulls plug on self-driving school bus, ending bold experiment in Florida
  • Bus & Motorcoach News: Finding drivers: Think behyond the obvious to attract your next-gen driving professionals
  • Bus & Motorcoach News: NPS fees set — and they'll be costly
  • Charter Service Registration: Four reasons your company should be on the FTA list
  • EXPO: Education, Networking, Buying opportunities AND a fabulous beach party!
  • MARKETING: Don't let a small budget limit your marketing plan
  • MEMBER BENEFITS: UMA offers new insurance program that generates revenue and meets customer needs
  • IRS warns businesses of possible "tax transcript' scams; National Tax Security Awareness Week will include webinar
  • Motorcoach Industry Calendar


November 20, 2018

  • Discuss ELD data and compliance reviews in UMA's next regional town hall meetings
  • TRAFFIC: Drivers beware: NYC issues 'Gridlock Alert Days' notice
  • Please participate in the ABA Foundation's Motorcoach Census
  • Learn ways to minimize risk and hear from federal regulators at the 2018 Safety Seminar
  • Unified Carrier Registration delayed
  • Nominations open for 40 under 45 Roundtable
  • Bus & Motorcoach News: It's what's inside that counts: Add color to your trips with fabric that wows
  • Bus & Motorcoach News: Trips for adventurous travelers
  • Try out craft beer tasting at EXPO on Tuesday January 8
  • Remember UMA membership gives you a discount on ASCAP/BMI Licensing
  • Motorcoach Industry Calendar

November 13, 2018

  • Driver wellness is focus of education session at Safety Management Seminar
  • How to vet requests from the US Census Bureau in an age of internet scams
  • First class service will connect central Oregon and Portland thanks to NW Navigator
  • MCI hosts members of IMG at Vehicle Innovation Center
  • Nominations for various operator awards closing soon
  • EXPO exhibitor webinar: Top tips for engagement
  • Bus & Motorcoach News: Customers want adventure travel--and will pay for it
  • Bus & Motorcoach News: China tariffs may affect som ebus companies' bottom lines
  • Pet an alligator at EXPO on January 7
  • Remember to show your UMA pride with a UMA Member badge on your website and printed material
  • Motorcoach Industry Calendar


November 6, 2018

  • Reminder: UMA election ballots are due to be postmarket and returned no later than November 15
  • UMA announces 40 under 45 roundtable to convene at EXPO
  • Workforce: Employees want more choices in when and where they work
  • Help METRO celebrate innovation in our industry! Nominations due by November 20
  • Safety Management Agenda is announced
  • Know an environmental leader? Nominate an operator for recognition
  • BUS4NY Coalition forms to address myriad issues impacting buses operating in NYC
  • EXPO exhibitor webinar: Top tips for engagement
  • Bus & Motorcoach News: From bread deliveries to charters - Arrow Stage Lines celebrates 90 years of success
  • Bus & Motorcoach News: Time for a new 'model' for driver recruitment
  • EXPO: Meet some local wildlife at EXPO. Pet a baby gator
  • Member Resources: Simplify vehicle inspections with WhipAround & get a member discount
  • Greater New Jersey Motorcoach Association hosts annual driver safety meeting in AC
  • Motorcoach Industry Calendar


October 30, 2018

  • Reminder: UMA election ballots are due to be postmarked and returned no later than November 15
  • UMA adds Motorcoach Marketing Council to its brands; transition to wrap up by year's end
  • A glimpse into the mind of the FMCSA: Fleetowner considers new tone since Secretary Martinez took over
  • Space is limited for the Safety Management Seminar
  • Know a n environmental leader? Nominate an operator for recognition
  • How does the NYC cap on for-hire vehicle license 
  • EXPO exhibitor webinar: Top tips for engagement
  • Bus & Motorcoach News: New York steps up security at key infrastructure points
  • Bus & Motorcoach News Podcast: A discussion about UMA's Maintenance Interchange with Rich Tisone of Stout's Transportation
  • Member Resources: Generate revenue and provide a needed service for your customers with member-exclusive insurance products
  • Seven marketing mistakes that could come back to haunt you. Seriously.
  • Motorcoach Industry Calendar

October 23, 2018

  • Nominate an environmental leader to be recognized by peers at EXPO
  • Ford will try driverless cars in nation's capital
  • EXPO session takes on hiring, retaining drivers: Half of drivers leave within 6 months of hiring, find out why and how to stop it
  • Bus & Motorcoach News: UMA announces Safety Seminar speakers and topics
  • Bus & Motorcoach News: Your biggest competitor might be . . . Uncle Sam?
  • Member Resources: UMA members benefit from free BOC-3 process service
  • Northwest Motorcoach Association Roadeo winner will attend UMA International Driver Competition
  • Industry Calendar


October 16, 2018

  • Learn about tech weapons to ramp up your performance
  • UMA board electoins underway; ballots are in the mail
  • Columbus transit union forms coalition to opport autonomous buses in Ohio
  • UMA welcomes 21 new members in third quarter
  • Greater New Jersey Motocoach Association announces scholarship program
  • Bus & Motorcoach News: Five ELD problems and how to fix them
  • Bus & Motorcoach News: Proposed sleep apnea rule suspended
  • Uber IPO could top $120 billion
  • Member Resources: UMA Motorcoach Travel PAC is working for operators like you
  • TSA briefs NW Motorcoach Association members on new program, "First Observer Plus"
  • Industry Calendar


October 9, 2018

  • Learn UnMarketing from Scott Stratten at EXPO
  • UMA announces candidates for Board of Directors
  • JJ Keller offers free webinar on driver qualifications
  • Make data a cornerstone of your team's skill set
  • The Driver Shortage: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools take on driver shortage with higher starting pay
  • Bus & Motorcoach News: The Golden Rule rules at these companies
  • New Operators Guide has good info, whether you're new or not so new to motorcoaches
  • People: Dale Krapf addresses EPA children's health event in DC
  • Industry Calendar


October 2, 2018

  • An "All Staff Guide" to understanding your ELD
  • FEMA to test wireless emergency alert, Oct. 3
  • Medical Certificate Forms for drivers and examiners online
  • The driver shortage: Bus driver shortage is making some kids late for school
  • WhipAround mobile app speeds vehicle inspection
  • add the UMA member logo to your website, BusRates listing and printed materials
  • Industry calendar


September 25, 2018

  • Vision Award nominations deadline is October 15
  • FMCSA proposes revised Lease/Interchange language
  • Solution Session: Prepare and Protect Your Company from Terrorism and Cyber Terrorism
  • All of I-95 North Carolina reopens after flooding
  • Addressing the driver shortage: Apprenticeships for bus drivers
  • Register for the 2018 UMA Safety Management Seminar
  • First regional UMA Town Halls yield good results
  • Bus & Motorcoach News: That bargain may really cost you
  • CVSA releases Operation Safe Driver results for 2018
  • UMA Board nominations due Monday, Oct. 1
  • Industry Calendar

September 17, 2018

  • Solution Session: Problem Solve the Driver Shortage Together
  • Quick Poll: Are you coming to the 2019 Motorcoach EXPO?
  • Maryland Motorcoach Association Crab Feast and Travel Talk is a hit
  • FMCSA streamlines processes for diabetic drivers
  • NTSB to determine probable cause of March 2017 Concan, TX crash
  • AMBEST booth at EXPO will feature prize for drivers
  • CSA seeks nominations for driver of excellence award
  • Register for the UMA Safety Management Seminar
  • Let's Talk About ELDs Town Hall Meetings announced
  • Fun Facts: Buses in Popular Culture
  • Nominations for UMA Board open through October 1
  • Bump-canceling bunks promise smooth bus rides
  • Industry Calendar

September 11, 2018

  • Emergency declaration issued along east coast from NY to FL
  • Solution Session: Media tips for savvy responses to online critics
  • Nominate a top marketing for the GoMotorcoach Award
  • AMBEST's EXPO booth will feature an amazing prize for drivers
  • CVSA to hold inspection course in October
  • Register for the UMA Safety Management Seminar
  • Let's Talk About ELDs Town Hall Meetings announced
  • Bus & Motorcoach News: Change Agents: Younger professionals growing with the industry
  • Nominations for UMA Board open through October 1
  • Marketing: Where to spend your marketing dollars wisely

September 4, 2018

  • Bring your drivers and mechanics to EXPO for cash prizes and competitions
  • EXPO Solution Sessions tackle top challenges
  • Get ready for CVSA Brake Safety Week
  • UMA sponsors Busing on the Lookout
  • Register for the UMA 2018 Safety Seminar
  • Let's Talk About ELDs at a Regional Town Hall
  • Bus & Motorcoach News: Oregon cracks down on buses over weight limits
  • NTSB determines driver acted reasonably in Biloxi crash
  • Nominations open for UMA Board of Directors
  • Management: 10 rules for running big buses the limo way
  • Industry Calendar


August 28, 2018

  • UMA launches regional online discussions starting with ELDs as first topic
  • TSA warns transportation stakeholders to be alert to threats
  • Department of Labor to hold listening sessions on overtime rules
  • Register for the UMA 2018 Safety Seminar
  • Bus & Motorcoach News - Q&A with FMCSA spokesperson Duane DeBruyne
  • Assessment: How productive are you?
  • CVSA offers Out-of-Service-Criteria app for operators
  • People: Bailey Coach honors top drivers
  • Motorcoach Industry Calendar

August 21, 2018

  • Nominations open for UMA Board of Directors
  • EXPO awards celebrations will honor industry leaders and winners
  • Proposed UCR fees set to be reduced for 2019
  • Bus & Motorcoach News - Capitol Matters: Missed opportunities and responsibilities
  • Bus & Motorcoach News - Marketing Minute: Put wine touring on the menu
  • Social media resources available through Go Motorcoach
  • Ten time boosting management hacks you can use every day
  • 2018 Safety Management Seminar: Save the dates, Dec. 5-6
  • industry Calendar

August 14, 2018

  • UMA party bus survey shows ordinance is bad for business
  • Maintenance competition comes to EXPO show floor for 2019
  • Bus & Motorcoach News - Study shows benefit to combining transit and ridesharing
  • Bus & Motorcoach News - Complete Coach Works to rehab New Flyer buses
  • Six positive expressions that might be offensive
  • Member discount for Whip Around vehicle inspection app
  • UMA Motorcoach Travel PAC is working for you
  • EXPO News: Nominate an operator for UMA's highest honor, the Vision Award
  • Industry Calendar

August 7, 2018

  • Exciting, new solution sessions will promote discussion, focus on future
  • ELD malfunction survey
  • Krapf's Coaches helps candidate take message on road
  • Bus & Motorcoach News - Scenic byways a tour-goer won't soon forget
  • Bus & Motorcoach News - Make seafood your itinerary theme for unique local flavor
  • Reseacher: to be a good leader, start by being a good follower
  • Add a UMA member badge to your homepage or marketing pieces
  • Industry calendar

JULY 2018

July 31, 2018

  • Chicago party bus ordinance: Your views? A UMA survey
  • Bus & Motorcoach News - Meet FMCSA Administrator Ray Martinez
  • Greyhound Canada drops routes
  • TSA alerts surface transportatoin stakeholders to potential threats
  • Top digital issues for US travel sector: online reputation management, mobile experience, direct bookings
  • Bus Rates Guide to Student Travel: Share it with local educators to promote your business
  • EXPO News: 2019 Association Summit will highlight latest issues facing industry
  • Industry Calendar

July 24, 2018

  • Bus & Motorcoach News gets refreshed image: new look debuts August 1
  • Bus & Motorcoach News - Chairman Shuster releases infrastructure bill
  • Bus & Motorcoach News - The shuttle had no driver--and a millennial rider says that's okay
  • Irizar announces Irizar USA LLC
  • UMA applaudes proposal to convene White House Conference on Small Business
  • Group forms to address Chicago party bus ordinance issues
  • UMA operators get discount on electronic DVIR by Whip Around
  • EXPO news: Popular maintenance events shceudle for Fort Lauderdale
  • Management Tips: Retain more employees with "stay interviews"
  • UMA guide helps you decide how long to keep paperwork
  • Industry Calendar

July 17, 2018

  • FMCSA seeks public comment on under-21 driver pilot program
  • Homeland Security warns business owners about cyber threats
  • Driver Competition plans shaping up for 2019
  • US News assesses the state of transportation in the US
  • Management: Taming generational tension by valuing individuals
  • Bus & Motorcoach News - Millennials plan more travel in 2018 than Boomers, Xers
  • Motor Fleet Safety Manual available at member pricing
  • Motorcoach Industry Calendar

July 10, 2018

  • Buses for Barletta: Operators invited to fundraiser for Rep. Lou Barletta
  • EXPO: Do you have what it takes to join our UMA All-Star Band?
  • CVSA's Operation Safe Driver Week starts July 15
  • GoMotorcoach accepting nominations for Marketer of the Year Award
  • Bus & Motorcoach News - Milhouser: "I've got a bridge to sell you, but the clearance is low"
  • Bus & Motorcoach News - Marketing Dos and Don'ts from Chris Riddell
  • Retaining good workers: Upgrade benefits to retain high performing employees
  • Motorcoach Industry Calendar

July 3, 2018

  • UMA welcomes 39 new members in third quarter
  • DC Trails acquires BestBus
  • Bus & Motorcoach News - Visitors from Canada hit record in 2017
  • FirstGroup's CEO resigns; firm could sell Greyhound
  • New England Bus Association learns about human trafficking
  • Recall notice: Continental recalls Conti Coach HA3 tires
  • Motorcoach Industry Calendar

JUNE 2018

June 26, 2018

  • Fort Lauderdale hotel options for 2019 EXPO 
  • Chicago party bus ordinance: A thorny issue you need to know about
  • Driverless vehicles and society: What about jobs?
  • Add a UMA member logo to your site, your Busrates profile, and your printed materials
  • Frank Smith joins the GNJMA Board of Directors
  • FMCSA extends the deadline for compliance with medical examiner's certification integration

 June 19, 2018

  • Motorcoach Minute Podcast features industry original Lou Sardo
  • Grab attention with graphic appeal to up your social media game
  • UMA Member Guide to Compliance and Regulatory Assistance
  • ABC Companies announces marketing team changes
  • TSA's David Cooper will deliver keynote address at GNJMA meeting in October
  • Bus & Motorcoach News: Motorcoach Mechanics are the 'unsung heroes' of our industry
  • Bus & Motorcoach News: OOIDA, safety groups oppose interstate commercial drivers under 21
  • Industry Calendar


June 12, 2018

  • EXPO is less than 200 days away. Register now and learn more!
  • Should you join the family business? Harvard Business Review has some advice
  • Share your bus jokes. Please.
  • CVSA Operation Safe Driver Week reminder (July 15-21)
  • Those roads are more dangerous than ever: Study shows high percentage of killed drivers test positive for drugs
  • Member Survey: What's keeping you up at night?
  • Bus & Motorcoach News: Prevost 2018 factory training draws record attendance

June 5, 2018

  • What if you ELD provider goes out of business
  • FMCSA issues Personal Conveyance Guidelines 
  • Bylaws change approved by members
  • CVSA Alliance Roadcheck set for June 5-7
  • Member Survey: What's keeping you up at night?
  • Spring Fling Photos
  • Milhouser: Private sector involvement could help transit
  • Motorcoach Industry Calendar

MAY 2018


May 22, 2018

  • UMA's Dale Krapf testifies on the FAST Act of 2015
  • DHS announces notice of funding opportunity for security and preparedness grants
  • UMA's Member Directory is online and in the mail 
  • Three keys to nurturing organic growth for your enterprise
  • Coalition seeks to end highway fatalities
  • FMCSA says 12.9 percent of truckers are not ELD compliant

May 15 - National Infrastructure Week edition

  • UMA asks operators to get active and support HR2120 during Infrastructure Week
  • DC's Union Station Bus Terminal parking offers convenience for drivers
  • Renovated covered bridge near Atlanta keeps having run-ins
  • Does the U.S. need a 'Department of Infrastructure?'
  • Court rules highway toll revenue can fund New York's canals
  • CSA scores now include ELD violations

May 8

  • New Operators Guide for the Motorcoach Industry
  • Membership dues news
  • Digital cameras could soon replace rear-vision mirrors
  • UMA's exclusive travel insurance program generates revenue for operators
  • Technology ignorance is not leadership

May 1

  • UMA members voting by e-ballot for bylaws change
  • Observe Infrastructure Week with focus on HR2120
  • MN DOT tests driverless shuttle for university students
  • announces new site with better functionality, higher value for operators
  • AOBRDs allowed on new motorcoaches
  • Coach operators adapting to ELD changes
  • FMCSA delays rule tha twould transmit drivers' medical exam certificates electronically

APRIL 2018

April 24

  • Scott Riccio named to UMA Board of Directors
  • Job seekers focus on work with greater purpose
  • Arlington TX replaces buses with ride sharing
  • PODCAST: Mergers & Acquisitions--Preparing to sell your business
  • Park Service announces CUA process for commercial tour operators

April 17

  • Joint Fly In promotes industry priorities on Capitol Hill
  • Link to Fly In Photos
  • Two Congressmen endorse proposal to allow younger interstate commercial drivers
  • Coach Quarters hits the campaign trail
  • TSA resources for Homeland bus security
  • Anderson Coach honored by Pennsylvania legislators

April 10

  • Joint Fly In advances unified agenda for UMA and ABA
  • FMCSA administrator goes out on inspection rounds in DC
  • Asian American Motorcoach Association gets moving
  • The never-ending self-driving car project
  • Operation Safe Driver Week is July 15-21
  • Trailways recognizes five outstanding drivers of the year

April 3

  • BANY fends off inspection tax
  • Workforce dynamics: What comes after millennials?
  • Creating a social media strategy to grow your motorcoach business
  • It's here: ELD enforcment started April 1
  • UMA welcomes 27 new members in first quarter of 2018


MARCH 2018

March 27

  • Sales tips for springtime: Don't let leads languish
  • Parking: Traveling to DC this Spring? Plan ahead for parking and routes
  • Bus Museum's Spring Fling is June 1-2, 2018 in Hershey, PA
  • Larry and Lorna Hundt honored with Canada's Meritorious Service Medal
  • Luther 'Woody' Story has passed away
  • Scott Hernandez is new director of crash standards and analysis at CVSA
  • USI Travel Insurance Services offers new travel insurance program for charter bus operators

March 20

  • Time to renew ASCAP/BMI Licensing
  • IRS video highlights pitfalls to avoid when filing taxes
  • UMA members get special treatment on member badge and upgraded color background
  • Compliance: International Roadcheck June 5-7 to focus on hours-of-service
  • Survey on ELDS
  • Greater NJ Motorcoach Association honors professionalism

March 13

  • Deadline for directory updates extended
  • ALERT: TSA issue salter to surface transportation stakeholders
  • Management: Why employees lose motivation and what you can do about it
  • Sign up for the 2018 Industry Fly In on Capitol Hill
  • Technology: See why VW's autonomous 'Cool Bus' is too cool for school
  • Get Bus & Motorcoach News on your own schedule

March 6

  • EXCLUSIVE: UMA announces new charter trip insurance product
  • FMCSA Administrator Ray Martinez is on the job
  • Go Motorcoach offers driver recruitment tools
  • Technology: Laser technology enables driverless vehicles to see around corners
  • Pastor Charles Morgan of Morgan and Sons Week-end Tours has died
  • Does your company need its own podcast?



February 27

Febuary 20

  • Join industry colleagues for a day of advocacy in Washington, DC
  • We have a new FMCSA Administrator, Ray Martinez
  • PODCAST: Learn more about the upgraded and improved Busrates website
  • VA Tech Transportation Institute seeks UMA members' input for employment screening data
  • Management tips from Harvard Business Review
  • The UMA Directory is coming soon. Are you up-to-date?
  • High school videographer chronicles Baily Coach Vets trip

February 13

  • Connect with UMA on social media
  • Get ready for the 2019 UMA Motorcoach EXPO, January 6-10 in Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • NYC Transit system is testing electric vehicles
  • As feds deregulate, states and localities double down
  • Renew vital ASCAP/BMI Licensing for 2018
  • Get more out of social media with new resouces

February 6



January 23

  • UMA announces dates for 2018 Capitol Hill Day Fly In
  • NY Lawmakers seek tougher rules for doubledeckers
  • Nearly 60,000 warned or cited during Safe Driver Week
  • Bus Museum seeks help to save a piece of industry history
  • Dealing with debt? A guide for entrepreneurs
  • UMA members qualify for discounts on leading tire brands

January 16

  • Welcome Gladys Gillis, UMA's new Chairman of the Board
  • Time to update employment policies on medical marijuana
  • What you must know about cyberterrorism
  • A video on why you don't succeed: "Lazy and Unfocused"
  • Leadership: Is life-work balance even possible for high achievers?
  • Members in the news: See who was honored at EXPO during our awards celebrations
  • The UMA Membership Directory is an indispensible tool for operators