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members_drivers_wanted_badgeWhy should you become a member of this dynamic and growing group? Because you care about the industry, because the regulatory environment matters to your ability to operate, and because you need the latest news and specific guidance only UMA can offer.

Operating in a highly regulated industry requires constant vigilance so you can stay on the right side of the law. Failure to do so can cost you a lot, including your ability to stay in business. UMA is foremost your legislative and regulatory advocate and watchdog, constantly working to ensure that this industry remains fair and competitive, safe, and primed for growth.

Individually, it's hard for operators to make a difference in a complex regulatory environment, but working together, we have a strong voice and a proven record of getting things done, from working to stop proposals that would have quadrupled minimum insurance rates to staving off changes to the Charter Service Rule that would have cut the majority of private operators out of local charter business, and propped up grant recipients. 

Does your staff have time to stay on top of these critical issues? Probably not, but with UMA, you don't have to. Through ou expert staff and regular communications to members, UMA ensures that operators are informed when it's time to act. Whether it's a notice about a rulemaking proposal, or opportunities for grants, a membership in UMA means your company will quickly know what to do and why.

UMA exists to protect the ability of private motorcoach and bus companies to operate and compete. UMA works to ensure that new regulations are based on science and that current events affecting our industry are reviewed objectively to find solutions 


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