Driver Membership Program


Welcome Motorcoach Drivers!

The United Motorcoach Association knows It takes a special person to be a professional motorcoach driver. Safe, on-time driving, excellent customer service, dependability and trip planning are the cornerstones of your career. This website, along with membership, provides you, the professional motorcoach driver, an evolving array of information you can use every day, and the professional recognition to advance your career.

Welcome to your website, welcome to your association…welcome home. 

  • Stay informed! Electronic edition of Bus & Motorcoach News
  • Member and Legislative Alerts
  • Join UMA Political Action Committee
  • Want to know the best route to bypass the traffic jam ahead? 
  • Want to know what time that storm will hit the area you are driving through?
  • Need the latest version of the Safety Regulations Handbook? 


Here are some tools you may need while you're on the road:

ST_Rep  Find your State Rep FMCSA  FMCSA Safety Regulations
Maps  Google maps & directions Weather  Weather forecasts in-depth
Traffic  Traffic reports AMBucs  AMBucs Program
FMCSA  FMCSA ADA Requirements Acadamy  The Academy
AMFuel  AMBest Fuel Program Acadamy  Prevost Prep
News  Bus & Motorcoach News Products  UMA Driver Products
News   B&MC News PDF Sample    















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