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Going on the business offensive:

215 ideas for motorcoach operators 
A United Motorcoach Association White Paper

Guide_Cover_marketing_tipsThe motorcoach industry's worst economic downturn in more than a decade has resulted in hundreds of operators taking strong defensive measures. They've reduced fleets, laid off drivers and slashed operating expenses. They've also cut prices, advertising and sales budgets. At this year's Motorcoach Expo in Indianapolis, more than 350 attendees were challenged by United Motorcoach Association Chief Executive Victor Parra to cast aside their defensive thinking and to focus instead on offensive measures. The 350 were attending Expo's annual Operator's Lunch and they agreed to take part in the largest brainstorming session ever conducted by the association. For more than an hour, company owners, managers, suppliers and their spouses brainstormed 16 topics critical to the survival of tour and charter coach companies. The 215 best ideas resulting from the brainstorming form the basis of this White Paper.

At first reading, some of the ideas generated by the brainstorming will appear to be "off the wall," or worse. That, of course, is the point of brainstorming. The concept was developed to foster creative and over-the-top thinking. Or, in the case of the motorcoach industry, thinking that is outside the bus. Participants in the Expo brainstorming session did exactly as they were asked -- come up with as many innovative ideas as possible in a relatively short time. Now, readers of this document can decide whether these ideas can be tweaked or massaged into workable products for motorcoach companies and solutions for industry problems. Those participating in the exercise approached the task enthusiastically and with good humor. Take Jerri Smith of Good Time Tours in Pensacola, Fla., for example. She suggested the industry wouldn't have any problems attracting more customers if operators just had buses with 55 front seats. OEMs take note!

Contents include:

  1. New Product Ideas & How to Upgrade Tours
  2. Great Ideas for Finding & Growing New Business
  3. Ideas for Identifying & Nurturing Profitable Customers
  4. Ideas for Building Incremental Revenue.
  5. Great Ideas for Advertising on a Tight Budget
  6. Turning Drivers Into Super Salesmen

...and much more!