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From time-to-time UMA will commission studies and guides for our membership and for the industry we serve. The results are published here and distributed to the appropriate audience.  In the past several decades, certain guides have been more popular and requested more often that we have rewritten them to bring them current.  These guides are offered here free of charge and will hopefully allow you to get the answers you need to the questions you have.

Coversheet_for_INFOGRAPHIC_FINALMotorcoach Industry By the Numbers: An infographic

Buses and motorcoaches are engines for economic growth in communities where the based and wherever they travel. What's more, our industry is proud to be safe, fuel-efficientand environmentally friendly. Check out the datapoints that tell our industry's story!

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The Advantages of Motorcoach Travel

A short guide in why traveling by bus for holiday or vacation in groups both large and small is such a wonderful way to travel. 

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A Guide to Purchasing Professional Motorcoach Services

When you are in the market for motorcoach services you need to know a thing or to so that you can get the most from your travel experience this guide lays it out for you. 

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A 2 Part Guide to Student Transportation

Our children are our most precious cargo when it comes to having them travel for school, sporting events, or civic meetings. This guide will help you make sure that you find the best provider for your child's event. 

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Finding and understanding your carrier's safety rating

All of the carries that UMA deals with have met some of the highest requirements (both Federal and State) that a business can attain. 

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