A new initiative to help operators meet today’s challenges 

The creation of the Bus & Motorcoach Industry Foundation represents a unique opportunity for our industry to meet today’s challenges and to prepare for those that lie ahead. We are in a high tech economy that requires us to maintain an educated workforce. By becoming a Founding Member, you are investing in the future or our industry, making a lasting contribution to excellence in motorcoach
operations. I hope you’ll join me in this worthwhile endeavor.

 Bill Allen, Amador Stage Lines 
Chairman, Bus & Motorcoach Industry Foundation


Professional Driver 
Recruitment & Development

Technician Recruitment
& Training

Overall Industry Education

Professional_DRiver_Recruitment_and_Training Technician_Recruitment_and_Training


  • Recruitment tools that you can utilize in attracting drivers to your company
  • Retention resources and benefits that drivers can tap in to directly
  • Online community connections to help drivers, owners and operators stay abreast of industry happenings
  • Recruitment and retention tools you can deploy in your business
  • Educational Resources to allow technicians access to the latest trends and happenings that affect their job, including an online community for information sharing and connections.
  • Over 12,000 videos education resources available through a unique partnership between LinkedIn Learning and the Bus & Motorcoach Industry Foundation
  • OnDemand courses and videos designed specifically to support unique bus and motorcoach industry operations and functions
  •  Leadership development tools designed to help owners develop managers and leaders within their companies.