UMA Partners with AMBEST for Savings

AMBEST_UMA_Fuel_Card_2017CONTACT Sylvia Jackson to join the UMA AMBEST program exclusively for UMA Members.


This exclusive partnership allows UMA members to save THOUSANDS on diesel fuel when they sign up for the AMBEST program. 

Operators can save as much as 25 cents per gallon, in some cases, off the retail price of diesel. And when your tank holds a couple of hundred gallons, the savings really add up fast! 

The partnership between UMA and AMBEST, Inc. America’s Best Travel Centers and Travel Service Centers has created a UMA member benefit that will allow its members to save substantially on their diesel fuel purchases when using an authorized AMBEST location and the AMBEST Fuel Card.

The program offers wholesale cost as determined by the Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) plus $0.09 or retail less $0.03, whichever is most beneficial to the UMA member at the time of purchase. While the savings will vary with wholesale retail prices, and region, we estimate today a typical UMA member will save between $0.20 and $.025 per gallon of diesel fuel.

Hundreds of locations to choose from!