UMA History


We are proud that we have served the motorcoach industry well since 1971.

UMA began as the United Bus Owners Association (UBOA). UBOA was formed out of the large bus association called the National Association of Motor Bus Operators (NAMBO) to represent the smaller coach owner/operator and serve as their voice in Washington D.C. and to protect and promote their interests and welfare. In 1996, UBOA became the United Motorcoach Association to more accurately reflect the industry that it represented.

Today, UMA is a thriving association of motorcoach owners and industry suppliers with other 1000 members located all across North America and representing companies in England, Belgium and France. We are happy to report that over the last 30 years we have remained true to our mission to serve and protect the interests and needs of the small motorcoach owner/operator and the industry as a whole.

History of the Motorcoach Industry:

Over 100 years ago, Mercedes-Benz built the world's first motorized coach. It was built because people needed a faster way to get to work. A few years later in the US in 1902 the Mack Brother's company in New York City build America's first motorized coach. But their need was more so for a touring vehicle called the 'Manhattan'. And so, the touring and charter industry was born. The Manhattan was exhibited at the 1904 Auto Show resulting in orders from others eager to join the touring boom sure to come. And it did. People have been enjoying the open road ever since.