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Eligibility and Dues

Membership Types:
Motorcoach Operator (Active) - Any motorcoach company recognized by the USDOT
Motorcoach Vendor (Associate) - Any company that sells or supplies to the motorcoach industry.
Travel Partner - Any company that is involved in the travel and tourism market - hotels, destinations, rest stops, etc.

Application for membership in United Motorcoach Association shall be accompanied by the amount of prescribed dues:

Annual Dues Gross Operating Revenue
$295 under $250,000
$525 $250,000 to $1 Million
$775 $1 Million to $2 Million
$1,100 $2 Million to $3 Million
$1,450 $3 Million to $5 Million
$1,785 over $5 Million
UMA dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes, but may be partially deducted
as a business expense.
Annual Dues Gross Sales Revenue
to the Motorcoach Industry
$450 under $250,000
$600 $250,000 to $1 Million
$950 $1 Million to $10 Million
$1,250 $10 Million to $25 Million
$1,550 $25 Million to $50 Million
$1,875 over $50 Million

UMA estimates that 28 percent of your membership dues are allocable to lobbying activities of the UMA, and therefore are not deductible for income tax purposes.

Annual Dues Flat Fee
$395 Flat Fee

(By order of Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993, 16% of UMA dues are not tax deductible. Furthermore, we are required to inform you that your dues are a business expense and not a charitable donation.)

Application for membership in United Motorcoach Association, shall be forwarded to the Executive Director at United Motorcoach Association headquarters. The application may be accepted for membership upon approval by the Board of Directors at the Executive Director's recommendation. The period of UMA membership is 12-months, commencing from the actual date of acceptance in the Association and payment of dues. Once accepted, membership shall continue until the member or the Association actively seeks cancellation of such membership by notification, in writing, of the intent to discontinue membership. Subsequent renewal of membership and payment of annual dues shall be due on the annual anniversary of the original acceptance date.

This application shall constitute the applicant's agreement to become bound and to abide by the articles of association and bylaws of the association and to faithfully discharge all duties and obligations imposed thereby on members.

Questions about membership should be directed to UMA at 1-800-424-8262, 703-838-2929, by fax, 703-838-2950 or e-mail to Meghan O'Brien, Marketing & Membership Services Coordinator, at

All information requested on the accompanying application form must be accurately and truthfully provided as a condition of application. This Application should be forwarded to the address listed below:

113 South West St., 4th Floor
Alexandria, VA 22314-2824

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