POSITION TITLE: President & Chief Executive Officer

REPORTING TO: Chairman and Executive Committee
LOCATION:  Alexandria, VA
ORGANIZATION:  United Motorcoach Association
Those interested will send their letters of interest and resumes to

The United Motorcoach Association (UMA or the Association) is a private, non-profit trade association that serves the North American motorcoach industry. UMA has nearly 1,000 member and associate organizations including private motorcoach company owners, supplier, tour and travel organizations, and trade publications. UMA’s members are organizations of varying sizes that are engaged in the areas of motorcoach, bus, school bus para-transit and other passenger services.

UMA maintains an active lobbying effort, although it does not have a political action committee. Each year, UMA conducts one major conference – UMA Motorcoach EXPO (attendance ranging from 1800 to 2,500) and will be developing regional programs. 

The Opportunity

UMA offers an excellent opportunity to work with a highly engaged and dedicated Board of Directors committed to the mission of helping the private motorcoach industry be successful and giving UMA members a competitive edge. With a strong and highly focused staff, UMA has numerous opportunities for continued growth in its EXPO, public policy, membership, its publication Bus and Motorcoach News, member benefit programs and its operating subsidiaries (for profit), UMA Bus and Motorcoach Academy and the UMA Motorcoach Travel PAC. In serving as spokesperson for UMA and the private motorcoach industry, the successful candidate will contribute to the success of this vital component of our Nation’s transportation infrastructure. UMA offers an excellent opportunity to build a career in a well-regarded association with combined annual budgets of totaling $4.3 million and a highly competent and dedicated staff of 12.

The United Motorcoach Association

Established in 1971 as a break away from the American Bus Association, UMA was formed to promote an open and free market for entry into the private motorcoach industry and remove the barriers of economic regulation.  UMA believes that industry growth comes from new entrants and the ability of operators to build their businesses with minimal amount of government interference. UMA works aggressively through its active public policy efforts, through informative education and information services, through targeted and timely member benefit programs and through outreach to allied state and national organizations – all designed to help operators maximize opportunities for growth and profitability. In addition, UMA committees serve as a key resource for developing services and setting policy for the association. Overall, UMA has become the “go to” organization for the entire private motorcoach industry, as well as its 660 private motorcoach operators (Active members), its 226 manufactures and supplier members (Associate members) and it 77 travel partner members (Associate members).

General Scope and Responsibilities

The President is the chief executive officer of UMA, having general supervision and management of the affairs of the Association under the direction of the Chair of the Board and the Executive Committee. Unless otherwise authorized by the Board, the President’s entire time must be devoted to the affairs of UMA. The President is required to attend all meetings of the Association and Board of Directors and the executive committee and record the proceedings of those meetings. The President working with the Secretary/Treasurer of the Board is also charged with collecting, depositing and reporting all monies due to the Association and the accuracy of all bills or vouchers that are due. The President is also in charge of the books and accounts of the Association and managing to maintain a balanced budget year after year. 

With regards to day-to-day affairs, the President must keep full records of such and be prepared to furnish those records to the Board of Directors and Executive Committee if requested. The President is in charge of all property of the Association and has full authority to hire, discipline, discharge and re-align staff members as he/she feels will maximize productivity and efficiency within the Association. From time-to-time other duties may be assigned to the President by the Chair, the Board or Executive Committee. 

The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of successfully managing a complex and diverse organization that provides the highest quality of service to its members, customers and stakeholders. Additionally, this individual will have outstanding advocacy skills, business skills as well as strong financial management, communication, strategic planning, public relations, community relations, governmental relations, and interpersonal skills.  A background and understanding of the federal legislative process especially in today’s politically partisan and financially strained environment will be a major asset.

The staff and Board of Directors are dedicated to working together to ensure the ongoing success of UMA as it continues to operate as North America' leading transportation associations. The new President and CEO will be integral to the continued success of UMA as it strives to provide the highest quality of service possible to all of its members, business and public sector alike, as well as its customers and stakeholders. The ideal candidate will have a demonstrated background and outstanding abilities as grouped in the following areas:

Principal Duties and Responsibilities
  • Guide and assist Board members in carrying out their responsibilities, ensuring that UMA Officers and Board(s) are fully informed on UMA and its operating subsidiaries’ financial condition, operations and opportunities, while offering vision and insight on industry trends and other external factors that may affect the association and its members.
  • Manage a member-centric organization with an emphasis on customer service;
  • Provide leadership, guidance and direction for all business operations and support staff in the effective execution of all their responsibilities, including the development of new business/revenue opportunities.
  • Oversee and lead strategic planning to ensure that UMA remains focused on its mission while identifying and addressing the opportunities and challenges facing the industry.
  • Working with the Board, staff, outside contractors and Legislative and Regulatory Committee, oversee UMA’s advocacy efforts and agenda, developing and maintaining relations with government officials, the private motorcoach industry community and other stakeholders to protect and promote UMA member interests.
  • Develop and enhance relations with state and regional associations and all allied organizations including but limited to Trailways, International Motorcoach Group (IMG), National Association of Motorcoach Operators (NAMO) and others. 
  • Has overall fiduciary responsibility for the financial well-being of UMA and its operating subsidiaries.
  • Serve as primary spokesperson for UMA.
  • Degree to which membership satisfaction is maintained and elevated for both its public and private sector members;
  • Degree to which UMA’s goals and objectives as directed by the Board are achieved;
  • Level of achievement of UMA’s legislative and regulatory goals and objectives;
  • Degree to which UMA’s membership is maintained and increased, as well as the level of membership attendance and participation in UMA conferences, trade shows and other events;
  • Degree to which UMA maintains a sound financial condition—short and long term;
  • The level of regard and respect given to UMA by those outside the Association and the nature of its public and professional image;
Position Requirements

Bachelor’s degree required with at least five years’ experience in management of an trade association or an organization with similar operations.  Candidate shall have success in serving as an organization spokesperson with solid instincts and abilities in relationship development and outreach. Excellent management and communications skills with a successful track record new business revenue. Understands how technology supports the needs and execution of an organization’s programs and services, and adds value for its members. Five to 10 years of experience working with state and/or federal legislative process.  Successful candidate must have strong marketing and business development skills and have the ability to understands the financial/audit implications of a 501 (c) (6) owning a for-profit C-Corp. Experience with and understanding of online learning management systems (LMS) is desirable. Though not necessary, knowledge of and experience in the transportation industry.


Interested candidates should note that extensive travel is required as part of the President/CEO’s responsibilities. 

Those interested will send their letters of interest and resumes to